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Return Policy


Any returns must be pre-approved in writing by an officer of Easy-Run Engine Test Stand only. You must obtain a Return Approval Form from Easy-Run. Complete the form and return to Easy-Run. It must be verified in writing that it was received by Easy-Run.

Easy-Run will have the sole responsibility of determination of the appropriate action to be taken. Easy-Run will have the sole responsibility to determine who is responsible for any shipping cost and restocking fees that may apply. (20 % fee may apply). Easy-Run will notify the customer in writing their sole determination and action to be taken.

Damage Claims

All claims of damage, pilferage, or any loss in transit must be filed with the freight carrier. When delivery agents take possession of the shipment, they assume all responsibility and liability. Please be sure to examine the shipment for any possible signs of concern and have the agent take note of your claims on the delivery receipt. restocking will help with resolving a claim and ask for the local claims person’s contact information. We would like to be notified immediately of your concerns and will do our best to help resolve any issues within our structure.

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