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Our customers enjoy sending their comments about their experiences, and we believe you can trust what they are telling us. They want you to be as satisfied and solve engine start up concerns, problems, and most of all, ENJOY the art of engine restoration and satisfaction of completing your project.

G Browne - Testimonials Easy-Run
G. Browne, Calgary, AB
Ford Motor Racing

“Al & Andy,

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product and let everyone know how impressed I am with your company.

I compared many engine run stands before purchasing your Pro-54 Series unit and I am floored by its high quality. Not only was everything just as promised, it was shipped quickly, professionally boxed in high quality cartons, and identified separately with clean labeling. It went together in no time at all, and having all the gauges, relays and wiring pre-installed made it a snap to plug in and connect. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone not wanting to setup all the electrical and relays of a test stand, and would go further to say this thing looks like a work of art sitting there in my shop. Thanks again guys. Your team and your products are definitely top notch in my books!!!”

5 Star Rating - Testimonials Easy-Run
John V - Testimonials Easy-Run
John V., Detroit, MI
Head of Ford Racing

“Division of Ford Motor Racing: Detroit, Michigan Ford Racing is very excited about using the Easy-Run as they have multiple units for their displays and R & D programs. We looked at building a Run Stand in our Ford Race facility, one of our employees showed us a picture of the Easy-Run Engine Test Stand, we realized we could not build a run stand that would be comparable in quality, appearance and be as universal for what we could buy your stand. My technicians were amazed how easily they were able to complete the fuel injection and computer wiring conversion to the Easy-Run. It worked perfectly.

Thank you for helping us with the Easy-Run Engine Test Stand. We used it for our mobile display all over the country, it was very easy to load into our trailer and performed flawlessly all year. The 4.6 High Performance Engine display is a big attention getter for our display and the crowd loved it. Thank you for the fast delivery and the help your team provided.”

5 Star Rating - Testimonials Easy-Run
Kernie C - Testimonials Easy-Run
Kernie C.
Garland TX

Just wanted you to know how happy I am with my new Easy Run engine test stand. Assembly was a breeze and the quality is unmatched. I know, I shopped around. As I told you early on, I am electrically challenged and had only one very small wiring problem which was my mistake, but you were only a phone call away to set me straight.

Someone else mentioned that communication was great with Easy Run all thru his buying process. I found the same to be true. Customer service is something that is hard to find these days, but I want anyone who reads this to know that you and Andy have shown a sincere interest in my satisfaction with this stand to the point of calling and asking about it more than once.

There are many reasons I bought Easy Run over any other. Aside from the quality, I like the versatility that you don’t see in other stands, being able to locate the dashboard where you want, the accessories that are available and easily moveable, and the engine sits higher than other stands, which I really like. And I also like the transmission adaptor. It’s nice to find any transmission issues before you put it in the car. I have had this stand only a month now and have finished building, broken in and tuned my Pontiac engine on it and already have three friends in line to use it before I can have it back for my next project. And two of them have engine run stands. One a home built and a one Chinese made. Where were those guys when I was doing all the heavy lifting on the Pontiac? Thanks again Al, and if I can help you sell another stand here in Garland, just let me know.”

5 Star Rating - Testimonials Easy-Run
Larry - Testimonials Easy-Run

“Restorations are much easier now. Easy-Run save me countless hours of R&R due to machine shop problems, incorrect part issues. If it could go wrong, it did.

Here are my thoughts in connection with doing business with Easy-Run and yourself:

1. It is a rare occasion when you can call a business as with Easy-Run and do business with the owner!

2. It is even more rare to be able to get a voice response after the sale is made! But, Al is always available to answer your questions and because of his longevity in the business together with his knowledge and connections, he is your main man for information.

3. Easy-Run will fabricate additional parts you may wish to have for your engine stand at an unbelievable price and shipment is immediate.

4. If you want an inexpensive engine stand, Al has it for you. If you do not want to fuss around putting together an unprotected wiring harness or building a cooling system that will cost extra and take additional time, then the Easy-Run’s top of the line unit should be your choice. It really is cheaper, and with less consternation to start at the top of the Easy-run product line.

5. The quality of the Easy-Run engine stand is a forever unit so long as you do not abuse it.

6. I wish all businesses were as ease to business with as it is with Al Freilich owner of Easy-run.”

5 Star Rating - Testimonials Easy-Run
Toe & Tom - Testimonials Easy-Run
Toe & Tom, Fresno, CA
Baghosian Racing Engines

Thought you would get a kick out of seeing a Top Fuel Engine on the Run Stand. We run all these on Alcohol. Great for testing to be sure there are no problems. We have 3 of these for the Toxic Rocket Drag Boat. Now we know there will be no leaks once it is in the Drag Boat. We put the angle brackets on just in case. 8,000 Horse Power…Can be pretty violent. The Run Stand did absolutely great. Gave us good piece of mind and the boat owner was thrilled.

Ya know, we have about 7 Easy Run Stands and they have been used on all types of engines from Sprint cars to the 1963 Indy car, Gurney Eagle. We are so impressed by the flexibility, keep up the great work. You can go to our FaceBook Page and see some of the different engines we have run.”


5 Star Rating - Testimonials Easy-Run
Larry G - Testimonials Easy-Run
Larry G.
Riverside California

We had to tear this engine down a total of 3 times, machine shop mistakes, parts not correct. The list just goes on and on.

I have to tell you, without the Easy-Run, we might have given up on the project. We were able to test fit, and you can imagine the work to R/R the engine in and out of the car that many times. The Run Stand design is perfect and very easy to use. Thanks for all your Tech Support not just with the Run Stand but your experience with the old 430 engine. You took a lot of extra time with us and we really appreciate everything. I hope you can use the video and let everyone know how great the Easy Run Stand is.”

5 Star Rating - Testimonials Easy-Run
Jay Leno's Garage

Must have for any Fabrication Shop, this is one of those "Why didn't I think of that" products.

5 Star Rating - Testimonials Easy-Run
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